I write about living with art. Well, that sounds very broad and it is. To be more specific, I write short essays on how art punctures life in a precise way. A painting that conjures up a memory, a passage in a book that reminds me of a friend, a song that leads to a hard-to-describe feeling. I write about art that helps to thrive, which is a level above existing. Art as a way of engaging, not just being entertained.

Why is this newsletter called The commonplace book? Commonplace books are systems devoted to the organisation of collected information by similar category or theme. This is my commonplace book, where I chart the artworks that have impacted me in small or big ways in the recent weeks. 

Depending on your point of view, the following description of a character found in Rebecca Makkai’s The Great Believers also applies:

“(…) he tended to come up with elaborate philosophical covers for terribly average feelings.“ Yeah, sounds about right. Maybe you’re into terribly average feelings as much as I am.

I hope you find here something that stirs you.